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At State Health Care Ltd we are dedicated to providing excellent home care services for clients in Dayton, Cincinnati, and the surrounding areas.


Our goal is to assist in caring for each individual in a compassionate manner.  We help the smooth transition from hospital or other facility to caring for our patients in the comfort of their own homes.


Our Health Care Team will work with patients through implementation of the physician's care plan.  We will assist in empowering the patient by providing daily care to help them reach their goals of independence.


We have strict hiring procedures that require all our health care staff to have background screenings, proper credentials and training, and our home health aides must successfully pass a comprehensive competency test.


As a family oriented, client-driven company, State Health Care Ltd. takes pride in our clients and promotes integrity in our care.  We strive hard to provide quality care to our community.

Home Nurse Making Bed
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